Special Vehicles Product

Special Vehicles Product Center

Number Product name Scope of application
1 Side wall Special vehicle
2 Roof Special vehicle
3 Sliding door Special vehicle
4 Electrical cabinet Special vehicle
5 Multifunctional cabinet Special vehicle
6 Folding conference table Special vehicle
7 Bar Special vehicle
8 Toilet or shower Special vehicle
9 Sleeper Special vehicle
10 New energy shelter New energy shelter
11 Side wall panel Overhaul car
Number Product name Scope of application
12 Mid roof Overhaul car
13 Side roof Overhaul car
14 End wall Overhaul car
15 Cabin board Overhaul car
16 Wall cabinet Overhaul car
17 Multifunctional cabinet Overhaul car
18 Dining table Overhaul car
19 Bathroom Overhaul car
20 Shower room Overhaul car
21 Sleeper Overhaul car
22 Wind tunnel Overhaul car

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