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Industry Cooperation

Vendor/Integrator Cooperation

We welcome a large number of integrated furniture manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, elevator manufacturers to cooperate with us, and provide customers with customized services through our many years of honeycomb material composite technology and product development and design capabilities.

Our integrated one-piece solution can effectively shorten the construction and construction cycle, and create a product system with unique advantages for industry partners.

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Vendor/Integrator Cooperation

Cooperation Value Integrated furniture manufacturer/cabinet manufacturer Elevator manufacturer
Provide custom-developed products for partners, as well as design support involving R&D and design teams.
Integrate product innovation capabilities and material options that meet the design budget to provide partners with overall solutions.
Keep up with future industry trends and help enhance the competitiveness of partners’ products.
Provide a plan that matches the budget, and through an integrated one-piece solution, you can effectively shorten the construction period of the partner's product.

Construction Industry Cooperation

With our cooperation, we will bring many benefits to designers, owners and general contractors, and become our members as soon as possible so that we can cooperate closely as soon as possible.

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Construction industry cooperation

Member benefits Architectural designer Developer/Owner General contractor
To help you gain extensive knowledge, experience and industry insights on all the latest industry products and materials.
Help you design and compare different building materials and decorative effects, as well as different options in combination with the external environment and budget, to achieve your design vision.
Let us intervene as early as possible to provide complete solutions and services in terms of overall effect design and construction period.
Provide a digital docking system that satisfies all parties, including product technical manuals, renderings, node diagrams, 360VR, construction animation, etc.​.
Introducing our advanced modular solutions, product integration is completely completed in the factory, reducing the difficulty of on-site operations and greatly saving the construction period.  
Our subordinate engineering company can provide general engineering contracting and subcontracting business, a package of services and a superb team structure, bringing you a worry-free cooperation experience.  
We provide innovative and modular products that reduce the difficulty of operations, reduce environmental management costs, and help you build quickly to reduce the risk of delay.    
For problems in the design process or projects that exceed the budget, we help you provide alternatives that meet the original design intent to ensure the success of the project.    
Provide technical support during the whole construction process to ensure the correct installation of the product and improve the satisfaction of the owner.    

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