Company Culture
Company Culture

Message from the Chairman


Zhou Yinmei

Changzhou Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd. Chairman / Representative of the 10th and 11th National People's Congress

Evergreen Technology has always adhered to "integrity-based and stable operation" since its establishment. While achieving standardized development, it has consolidated the industrial foundation bit by bit, and gradually established a scientific and efficient corporate management system. Doing every little thing steadily and treating every customer seriously is the foundation of our business; growing up with employees and developing with customers is the ultimate goal we pursue.


After going through the sky, everything will be difficult. In the days to come, all Evergreen people will continue to pursue the enterprise spirit of "trustworthiness, sincerity, precision, and purity", continuously enhance research and development capabilities, strive to improve product quality and service quality, and continue to create value for customers!


For more than 20 years, every bit of progress of Evergreen is inseparable from the care and help of friends from all walks of life, the encouragement and spur of industry experts, and the trust and love of customers. Evergreen will always be grateful. Evergreen will be more brilliant with you!



Zhou Yinmei

Company Culture


Core Value

Dedicated lover


Evergreen Culture

Integrity, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation


Corporate Vision

Become a well-known employer in China, with a good corporate reputation, responsible for employees and society, and an extremely attractive global business partner.

Company Core Goals

Relying on the company's technical advantages in high-performance sandwich composite materials, and on the basis of continuously consolidating the company's market share in the rail transit and architectural decoration fields, it continues to expand into emerging industries such as military industry, cruise ships, aviation, and new energy vehicles, and to customers at home and abroad Provide attractive supporting programs, products and services. With the entrepreneurial spirit of dedication and love, shape and strengthen its own characteristics and competitive advantages, create profits for shareholders, and create opportunities for customers, employees and communities.

Company Management Policy

1. Strengthen the corporate culture and enhance the cohesion and sense of mission of the employees of the group company.

2. Follow the principle of customer first, deeply grasp the dynamics of market demand, improve sales forecasting, and gradually promote the application of new technical solutions or new products while maintaining the advantages of traditional products and increasing market share.

3. Establish and cultivate a long-term stable and flexible alliance procurement and logistics system to enhance the company's market competitiveness.

4. Advocate an open and innovative research and development mechanism, use scientific research and development processes, and continuously develop new technical solutions and new products that are satisfactory to users.

5. Implement the management model of continuous improvement, pursue safe, healthy, high-quality and efficient production operations, and improve the company's brand image.

6. Promote the incentive mechanism and do a good job in the cultivation and development of talents.

Changzhou Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd.

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