Company Culture
Company Culture

Message from the Chairman


Zhou Yinmei

Changzhou Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd. Chairman / Representative of the 10th and 11th National People's Congress

    Since its establishment, Evergreen Technology has consistently adhered to the business philosophy that " the foundation of enterprise development is integrity, innovation is its soul, and perseverance is its basis." While achieving standardized development, the company has steadily solidified its industrial foundation, gradually establishing a scientific and efficient corporate management system. Every small task is carried out diligently, and every customer is treated with genuine sincerity. Our goal is to grow together with our employees and develop together with our customers.

    Achieving such success has not been without challenges, as the path to prosperity often involves difficulties. In the future, all of us at Evergreen Technology will continue to uphold the core values of "integrity, innovation, and perseverance," unceasingly enhancing our R&D capabilities, striving to improve products and service quality, and consistently creating value for our customers.

    After decades of highs and lows, every step forward made by Evergreen cannot be separated from the care and assistance of lifelong friends, from the encouragement and guidance of industry experts, and most importantly, with the trust and support of our customers. Evergreen will always be grateful to you, and with you Evergreen will shine even brighter!



Zhou Yinmei

Company Culture


Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, and Perseverance


Evergreen Culture

Loyalty, Diligence, Dedication, and Caring


Corporate Vision

To become a global leader in the high-quality manufacturing of lightweight "sandwich" composite materials

Company Core Goals

Manufacturer of "sandwich" lightweight composite materials in China

Company Management Policy

Customer First

Quality First

R&D Innovation


Changzhou Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd.

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