Development Path
Development Path

Development Path


Changzhou Changqing Aiwei Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of the company) was established, realizing the first domestic application of aluminum honeycomb composite material in domestic rail transit and the first domestic application of super high-rise stone honeycomb panel curtain wall construction


Become the first company in China to obtain the German DIN6701 (bonding system) certification; export the integrated floor of rail transit to Europe, and become Alstom’s only qualified floor supplier in China; the Saudi Mecca project started, becoming the first to China CRRC is a qualified supplier of integrated solutions for subway interiors


Exporting heated laminate flooring to Europe, becoming Bombardier's only qualified supplier of heated laminate flooring in China


The company completes the shareholding system restructuring


Entered the field of rail transit vehicle passenger information system through its subsidiary TrainFX


Established Typhos Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Anhui Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd. to serve the domestic rail transit vehicle passenger information system field


Established Qingdao Workstation to carry out the overhaul business of EMU floor and interior decoration in Qingdao area


Set up the Changchun Workstation to carry out the overhaul business of the floor and interior decoration of EMUs in Changchun area


Established a subsidiary, Guangdong Qingwu Technology Co., Ltd.


Established subsidiaries Chongqing Evergreen New Material Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Qingwu Technology Co., Ltd.; established Changchun and Qingdao branches at the same time

Changzhou Evergreen Technology Co.,Ltd.

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